Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru Movie In Hindi Free Download

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Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru Movie In Hindi Free Download

from admin on 09/19/2018 10:30 PM



Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru Movie In Hindi Free Download


An edge of the seat action thriller that tells story of Theeran Thirumaran- Deputy Commissioner of Police who investigated a series of events including dacoity, robbery and cold- blooded murders that occurred in National Highway roads across six states of India between 1995 - 2005. Based on "Operation Bawaria" of Tamilnadu Police Department. Theeran, a police officer, tries to decode a series of cold blood events based on same pattern. 'Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru' takes a while to get its cop act going. The initial hour is more in tune with what we usually see in the rom-com version of Tamil cinema these days: the hero stalks the heroine publicly while the heroine does so, in private (by drawing and collecting pictures of him). The involvement of family members in these scenes is so much that Vinoth almost makes us forget the cop- thriller side of the film altogether. Rakul Preet as Theeran's love-interest turned wife Priya, is cute as hell but gets annoying beyond a point.

It's refreshing to see director Vinoth attempt to flesh out the antagonist gang (of dacoits) and bestow them with a thoroughly disconcerting vibe. Anyone witnessing the modus operandi of these vile men is bound to wince at least on a couple of occasions. In the first half though, their collusion is kept minimal, and the focus is more on building the titular character of Theeran (Karthi) and his rise to DSP status. The pre-interval stretch is one of the most well- choreographed action set-pieces seen in Tamil cinema recently. It invokes memories of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' (though just to the slightest extent).

Another aspect that works in favor of TAO is the research effort that has gone into the screenplay. It vividly depicts the hassles involved in handling those cases where culprits are constantly moving between different states. The romantic track does slacken the pace a bit but Vinoth is wise enough not to let melodrama take over. The action sequences are a riot (be it pre-interval or post-interval) - sensationally choreographed and magnificently shot. Ghibran has done a wonderful job with respect to the background score, adding vigor to Theeran's punches and kicks. His song compositions though, lack that relisten value.

The supporting characters too, do not disappoint. While the first hour is quite the cliché-fest (romance, police-training and the like - which we've seen a lot of lately), it still manages to keep the viewer engrossed owing to the lively performances. Abhimanyu Singh looks menacing as Oma, the leader of the dacoit-gang. Bose Venkat as Sathya puts up a convincing act. The film would've looked crisper had it not spent so much time intensifying the love-angle.

Verdict: Worth a watch for the (otherwise) racy story-telling! Going into this movie I expect it to be a great movie as a few people recommended it to me, and had some good ratings and reviews online. But every step of the way through this movie I was waiting for it to end. The story and moments through the movie were incredibly predictable and boring. At no point did I really engage with the story as it was completely lifeless.

I really don't understand how this movie got such high ratings and is just another rubbish movie that you shouldn't watch. 646f9e108c


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